insurance agent Port St. Lucie

Borroto Insurance Agent  

Borroto Insurance Agent  

Insurance Services in Port Saint Lucie, Fl.

512 SW Port Saint Lucie Blvd, Port St. Lucie, FL 34953

I have the best insurance service in port st lucie,  you can call the phone  786-343-4048 

we also have package delivery services to Cuba

enroll in obamacare 

ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act) is a health reform in E.E.U.U. that extends and improves access to health care and decreases spending through regulations and taxes.

What does ObamaCare do?

The Affordable Care Act makes many very important things, including:

Offers a number of new benefits, rights and protections to Americans regarding their health care Establishes a Health Insurance Marketplace (HealthCare.Gov) where Americans can buy Federally regulated and subsidized Health Insurance during open registration.

Extends Medicaid to all adults in many states Improving Medicare for seniors and those with long-term disabilities Extends employers’ coverage to millions of workers It requires that most people be covered from the beginning of 2014 and those who are not covered, help them get exceptions, or pay a fee (the fee is zero as of 2019 in most states). Introduces new taxes and tax credits, among many other provisions

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